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For the love of meat

Burger restaurants are like the start-up scene: everyone will tell you they are a game changer, but once you start looking under the hood, there is not much left of the hipster bravado and the secret formula is on hiatus – entirely by chance, of course.

We got fascinated with burgers because they are the new coffee: everyone nowadays is searching for the best burger in town, where 5 years ago everyone was talking about the best coffee you could get from that cute little place where they have beans from a long-forgotten civilization in northeast Peru. Or something like that.

And we obviously love our meat, we’re not gay for nothing (one of us, at least). So we set out on an adventure, to visit a burger restaurant every week. After 45 places, we got fed up, temporarily. But we’re back having fun, and decided to write about our experiences and try to cut through all the crap to tell you our honest opinion.

We have absolutely no expertise in this area of course, we are not cooks ourselves, but we have obviously downed a lot of burgers so think we are entitled to have an unqualified opinion that is compensated by our (missing) sense of humour. We are also completely independent and self-financed: we pay for our own burgers, and if we are negative about a joint, it’s not because the owner shagged with one of our boyfriends. We don’t even have boyfriends anyway, poor souls as we are. In case you are interested, you can find us on Grindr, of course 😅.

In a hurry, and looking for the best burger places in town to show off with some exquisite taste for the date with that hot guy you met the other day in the legendsmelly Berlin U-Bahn? No worries, we got you covered: Top of the table

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