Balli Burger

  • Balli burger outside

Mozzarella sticks melting in the mouth

Balli burger outside

The truth and nothing but the truth

Panic in gaytopia! We had made it all the way to the Tempelhofer Hafen almost at the end of the U6 line, when your favourite queer couple (ūüėÖ)¬†discovered that they were renovating the restaurant we were aiming for. So we had to improvise, our small brains were of course boiling at 31¬įC, but luckily we found Balli Burger. A bit closer to the former airport – and a bit closer to our home, so all criteria were met.

But does it live up to the hype?

Which hype? Balli looks from the outside more of an imbiss (snackbar) than a proper restaurant, so expectations were low to put it mildly. But as we know from life experience: under promise and over deliver.. and that’s what Balli did!

Balli insel burger mozzarella sticks

It definitely belongs in the category of ‘basic’ joints, so will never make it onto our top-10 list. But in its own category their burgers were very tasty and meaty. #secretgayguy took the Insel burger, because for a change he wanted to put some mozzarella sticks into his mouth this time (ūü§Ē). He called it a guilty pleasure himself, but what a pleasure it was… And the other burger we ordered also had really good patties (yes, plural).¬†

Downsides: the burgers were finished by some standard sauces (BBQ probably), where we always hope for some homemade miracles. A little detail that can make or brake a (decent) burger and a homemade-bought Seven-Eleven hamburger sauce doesn’t help. And the fries… well,¬†let us not talk about something Germans seemingly know nothing about.

Famous last words?

Uh, nope, no smartass remarks this time!

  • Price:¬†10,20‚ā¨ Insel burger + pommes + drink
  • Address:¬†Tempelhofer Damm 143, Tempelhof
  • Website:¬†Facebook Page
  • Our ratings:
    • Burger:¬†7 / 10
    • Fries:¬†4 / 10
    • Atmosphere:¬†6 / 10
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