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Back to Basic Burgers

BBB burger outside

The truth and nothing but the truth

A burger joint with the letters BB in it has some pretty raunchy connotations for gay guys. But let’s just assume that BBB stands for Back to Basic Burgers, we wouldn’t have any naughty thoughts, now would we? 

Anyway, this relatively new place is deadbang in the middle of a new Berlin hotspot, at the northern exit of Ostkreuz station. This hipster heaven is truly becoming an epicentre for burger culture: Burgers Berlin is two doors down the road, around the corner you can find Pan Bao Burger and Burger Ring. And within a ten minute walk in this part of Friedrichshain you will find Voudoo Kitchen, Burgeramt, 5 Places, Tante Biggie and the Frittiersalon. To name a few.

So did you make the right choice by going to BBB?

Let’s put it like this: You don’t expect to get a great burger when you go to a huge, touristy place. It’s like going to the Hard Rock Cafe and expecting a culinary experience. But hey, we were positively surprised by this genuine back to basics approach.

BBB double american burger

Where almost all restaurants overload the burgers with extras, BBB has some genuine juicy and tasty patties, and not much more. So you can actually enjoy the meat, our favourite hobby of course, and have a good bite in something that was supposed to be medium, but in the end was more rare. We didn’t mind of course…

Especially the Double American lived up to its name, providing two solid patties. If the meat is seasoned and prepared properly like this, you don’t even need mayonnaise or other sauces. Our more regular BBQ Bacon burger also had … nothing more than bacon and onion, and that was a nice change from all the overcomplicated stuff we usually get in our hands.

Famous last words?

Put some more fucking effort into your fries! How many times do we have to tell that? #SecretGayGuy thought the potatoes were at least prepared in the kitchen, his better half even suspected the deadliest of sins: that they came from the fridge. We were seriously thinking about promoting BBB into our famous top-10, but this detail just killed that chance. Sorry, bros!

  • Price: Around 15€ for burger + pommes + drink
  • Address: Sonntagsstraße 1, Friedrichshain
  • Website: Facebook Page
  • Our ratings:
    • Burger: 8,5 / 10
    • Fries: 6 / 10
    • Atmosphere: 8 / 10
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