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To separate the wheat from the chaff

Chaff or wheat?

Well, honeys, that depends whom you ask. And what your criteria are. We love Lady Gaga as well, but high culture it ain’t.

So, if you expect the best burger in Berlin, you’ll be disappointed. It is not up there with Grindhouse, Supreme and the others in our top-10. But if you look at the price-value, Bobsek is pretty much top-notch in the budget category. Think Burgeramt or Tommi’s Burger Joint: places where you get a very decent burger and fries and soda for around 10 euros. Which, of course, ought to be the maximum price by law in poor Berlin!

Stop whining, bitches. Gimme the breakdown!

Yes, why the hell did we travel all the way to the old western parts of Berlin? For the love of burgers of course, and we had read somewhere that Bobsek was really good.

It’s a lovely place, more a small streetside cafetaria with a lot of tables outside. It fills up quickly, so in winter it’s more of a takeaway. They serve both the standard options (cheeseburger, bacon bbq) and some own creations. And they do the latter pretty well: The Bobsek burger for example is a nice explosion of different tastes in your mouth (we love exploding stuff in our mouths), with onions, a solid patty and jalapenos coming together quite nice. An unforgettable creation? No, but you can’t expect it for that money. And in these parts of town it’s definitely one of the better options.

Famous last words?

Did we ever complain about the standard quality of fries in a lot of places? Yeah, probably. Well, Bobsek is no exception. If they would put twenty procent of their burger efforts also into the fries, this would be a much better place. This is like serving caviar with curry sauce…

  • Price: Bobsek burger 6,50 euro, with menu (fries and small soda) another 3,50 euro
  • Address: Berliner Straße 30-31, Wilmersdorf
  • Website:
  • Our ratings:
    • Burger: 7 / 10
    • Fries: 5 / 10
    • Atmosphere: 5,5 / 10
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