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Slowly falling apart

The truth and nothing but the truth

From our straight friends we have learned that the perfect breasts are those, that you can barely still hold together with two hands. We don’t wanna know if that’s true of course, and sorry for this raunchy deviation. But we could also apply this two-hand-test to the perfect burger: as long as you can properly hold it with two hands, it’s still a decent one. Anything more is just outrageous and impractical.

So, how does the Burgerie score?

Well, you already guessed it: not great. The Gunfighter Burger was a bit like the a plane that after a successful take-off first loses its left wing, then its right wing, and then slowly comes crashing down. 

Gunfighter Burger

The successful take-off is the meat, grilled to perfection on lava stones. We have no idea whether there is any useful difference between lava stones and the hood of a car engine when it comes to grilling, but at least it sounds very cool.

So far, so good. But the meat was a bit too bland, and the Triple Cheese Burger had no distinguishable cheese. Which is like having an guacamole which doesn’t taste like avocado. There goes the left wing… And the right wing went with the pommes. Our hopes were high in this department, because the really nice people of Burgerie had a huge list of potato variations on the menu. But the pommes and wedges were so fatty they were still waiting to be digested two days later…

Potato wedges

Famous last words?

‘Burgerie’ sounds a bit exclusive, a bit french. So we were surprised to enter a place that was very cosy and with an eighties flair. If that was by design or by accident (because of lack of renovation) we don’t know, but karma kudos for the sweet staff there!

  • Price: medium Gunfighter Burger 7,60€, homemade pommes 2,80€
  • Address: Schönhauser Allee 50, Prenzlauer Berg
  • Website: https://www.burgerie.com/
  • Our ratings:
    • Burger: 5,5 / 10
    • Fries: 4 / 10
    • Atmosphere: 7 / 10
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