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The Korean craze

The truth and nothing but the truth

We have a problem. We obviously wouldn’t want to be seen in boring Prenzlauer Berg and thus diminish our coolness factor. But for burgers alone this district already has enough restaurants to keep you happy for a year, and you don’t need any others in Berlin. Which, now we start thinking about it, might be a good idea: Keep the people from Pregnancy Hill in their own hood without annoying the others.
Anyway, we had to give another burger joint here a chance. And Chilees cannot be accused of hipsterism: It is in a side street in a quiet area, and the hype (no, not a tsunami) of Korean burgers rolling through Berlin is already a couple of years old. Which, in hipsterland, is ages ago. And this cosy place with friendly service is as far away from hipsterland (hello Lily!) as can be.

Long story, dude. What do you remember about the fucking burger?

One: the wasabi mayonnaise. We like spicy stuff on our tongue, but this one threatened to dominate the bulgogi (fire meat) of the burger itself. Bad idea of course, that’s not the point of a good burger place.

Chilees burger

Two: the burger wasn’t very warm when it arrived on the plate. Wintertime in poor but sexy Berlin, yes indeed, but for two spoilt bitches like us at least disappointing. Although we very much like a cosy place in cold Berlin winter of course 🙂

Chilees black burger

Three: the kimchi. Whether you like that or not is probably a matter of taste, #SecretGayGuy did get weak legs of it and thought it was one of the better burgers in Berlin, #GayGuy didn’t. But hey, we hardly ever agree on anything, so why should we on Korean burgers?

Famous last words?

Black buns. We really need to speak about black buns. They look exciting, because they are different. But do they serve a purpose? Do they add to the taste? Not at all, in our not so humble opinion. They can even make the burger a bit too heavy and difficult to digest, and we of course DO want to have that meat glide down our throat. So more style over substance? Yes. Just like us 😉

  • Price: Burgers 6,90 – 8,90€, fries 3€
  • Address: Choriner Straße 35, Prenzlauer Berg
  • Website: Facebook-Seite
  • Our ratings:
    • Burger: 7,5 / 10
    • Fries: 8,25 / 10
    • Atmosphere: 8,25 / 10
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