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  • Hirsch und Eber burger thymian fries

With the promise of real wild meat

Hirsch und Eber burger

The truth and nothing but the truth

If you would one day be attractive enough to get a date (highly unlikely, we know), this would probably be the place to take her or him. Hirsch und Eber radiates a classy vibe, mainly because of its dark wooden interior and its cosiness. And we gays obviously like it dark and cosy.

Maybe the classy feeling also has to do with the fact that this joint is deadpan in the middle of the Kollwitzkiez, the epicentre of Pregnancy Hill (aka Prenzlauer Berg), where young families straddle on summer evenings, looking for overpriced ice creams and an even more expensive and overrated ristretto doppio. This is the area that also has Grindhouse and Fraulein Kimchi, to name a few. So even if Hirsch und Eber is full (not unlikely on a summer night), you can find a decent burger next door.

That was a long story, dude. Ze burgers?!

Let’s talk about the fries first, a much underappreciated part of the package. #SecretGayGuy absolutely fell in love with the thymian fries, which basically contain what’s in the name and admittedly melt when they touch your mouth. And believe us: that doesn’t happen too often with us. They’re terrific, though the quality varied over a couple of visits.

Hirsch und Eber burger pulled pork burger

Hirsch und Eber burger thymian fries

So, ze burgers. You obviously go to Hirsch und Eber for pulled pork. The other burgers are very decent to say the least as well, but they don’t have a deer in their logo for nothing! The main question of course: is it that extraordinary? And the short answer is NO. Which still means we would give it an 8 out of 10. But somehow we got the feeling that the pork or boar came from some wholesaler in the Berlin area that sells to multiple burger places. You add some nice spicy sauce (also see Burger de Ville) and you have a classy, decent burger. But not great. The only place where we really had the ‘homemade’ feeling was Burger Bar 61 in Kreuzberg (the Mehringdamm area, not the Oranienstrasse part). That one has apparently closed though, probably we didn’t publish our review on this ridiculously popular website on time to save them 😉

Famous last words?

Is it just us that’s fed up with the magic word BIO? There is absolutely nothing wrong with durability, but Hirsch und Eber has BIO fries and other BIO products, which should probably give people a good feeling about what they are eating. It has become a fucking marketing trick. So far for our rant of the week… now enjoy your BIO meal!

Hirsch und Eber burger old scale

  • Price: Pulled Boar Burger 8,70€, Thymian Bio-Fries 3,50€
  • Address: Kollwitzstraße 87, Prenzlauer Berg
  • Website: http://www.hirschundeber.com
  • Our ratings:
    • Burger: 8,5 / 10
    • Fries: 9,5 / 10
    • Atmosphere: 9 / 10
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