Jim Block

The H&M of burgers?

In the funky Bikini shopping centre?

Yeah, and that’s where the funk stops. We once called The Bird the ‘McDonald’s of quality burgers’: You know what you get, it’s good value for money, but not good enough for the absolute best in its category. Which brought us to Jim Block, which should be the best in the McDonald’s category. Or so we hoped…


Exactly. These spoilt bitches expect nothing but the best. What we got was… something which was trying to be quality burger but looked like fast food. H&M having their summer collection designed by Justin Bieber? Something like that, yes.

The joint itself actually looks quite cosy and stylish. But then you have this typical fast food-counter, with horrible menu lighting. It screams ‘cheap cheap cheap’ (or ‘slut slut slut’ in our world). And when you get to pick up your food (they don’t use numbers here, but famous places in Berlin to call you), you get your burger on a plastic plate. Serving it on a wooden or stone plate would have made a big difference.

The food? The burger was actually quite decent, especially the bun, although we didn’t even agree on that one (trust me it wasn’t.. not even close #SecretGayGuy). It at least looked and tasted a bit better than McDonald’s, which you might expect for 12€ as well. But the fries were, well, they were French and came straight from the fridge. Two insults in one sentence!

Famous last words?

If you try to save money, go to Burger King. The Whopper is still a good budget choice. If you expect a little bit more, then avoid all the burger chains that are somewhere in between cheap and expensive. For two euros more than at Jim Block you can find a really good burger somewhere else, believe us.

  • Price: around 12€ for burger, fries and small soda
  • Address: Budapester Straße 38-50, Charlottenburg
  • Website: https://www.jim-block.de
  • Our ratings:
    • Burger: 4 / 10
    • Fries: 2 / 10
    • Atmosphere: 5 / 10
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