Lily Burger

  • Lily Burger, interior

Hipster heaven but not burger heaven

Lily Burger, interior

The truth and nothing but the truth

Well, if there would be neon signs saying ‘hipster heaven’, it would shine so bright here it would light up all town. It is a delight for any tourists and/or wanna-be hipsters that want a taste of that ‘authentic’ relaxed Berlin vibe. Which is of course a cleaned-up version of the really fucked-up smoky bars we have, with locals that are really struggling to pay two euros for their bottle of beer.

Lily is good, don’t get us wrong, but it just tries way too hard to be hip. The black interior: check (it’s no fucking Berghain, guys)! Funky hippie lights? Check (they’re so colorful even my eating partner The Secret Gay likes them, which proves even more he’s queer to the bone…)! And personnel that is looking cool with tattoos everywhere you can and will not imagine? Check! At least the last part is authentic Berlin.

Lily Burger, menu

But most obvious is the menu. It is almost a novel in its size, it is of course black and stylish, and has more different burgers than a Belgian beer pub has pints. There is even a vegan & vegetarian section which would make every seaweed-eating fanatic extremely happy. At least by looking at it, we didn’t try these.

The strangest thing? The location. Their previous burger restaurant fitted perfectly in hipster heaven Neukölln near Hermannplatz, where the bar looked more like a DJ booth and the waiters more like Bob Marley (very friendly though). Now they moved to a much bigger location in Friedrichshain, but not in the infamous Simon Dach quarter but to middle-of-nowhere, adjacent to the Volkspark and a fifteen minute walk from Alexanderplatz.

That was a long story, dude. Ze burgers?!

Lily, MS13 Burger

You have got to give it to them, the burgers are really solid. Not outstanding, but them are REALLY huge (and a perfect overcompensation for your last Soya Chai Tea Latte) and are made of organic Black Angus beef. We chose the John F. Kennedy (Irish Cheddar and bacon) and the Che Guevara (with a ******* up spicy sauce  and more jalapenos).

That is a lot to digest for your stomach. Too much at least for one of us, as the ‘secret sauce’ took its toll on a certain someone and forced him to an unplanned and unprepared stop on the way home… (not sure who he means 💩 #SecretGayGuy).

The thing we probably liked most were curiously enough the curly potatoes: simply irresistibly crunchy and with much more character than their regular pommes we also ordered.

Famous last words?

My beer! My beer! (Well, I didn’t have time to shout it, but the hyperactive waitress took my bottle before I drank the final bit, a major crime even when committed on gays and secret gays) – and to be completely fair (don’t get used to it), during another visit the personnel was friendly beyond expectation!

  • Price: Burger 10-18€ // Fries & Curly Potatoes Mix 3,90€
  • Address: Am Friedrichshain 34, Friedrichshain
  • Website:
  • Remarks: lots of vegan and veggie burgers as well
  • Our ratings:
    • Burger: 7,5 / 10
    • Fries: 7 / 10
    • Atmosphere: 6,5 / 10
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