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Never trust the images

Lion Burger front desk

The truth and nothing but the truth

Mommy always told us to avoid restaurants where they were displaying their delightful dishes on huge pictures outside. Those pictures might come in handy when you are in China and just want to point to your desired meal, but in general it’s usually not a sign of great quality. Stubborn kids as we still are though, we waved away our mommy’s advice to give a new addition a chance. Lion Burger & Chicken opened in 2017 along the extremely busy Warschauer Strasse, amidst the heavy competition of Friedrichshain, with decent places such as Tante Biggie and the Burgeramt.

Was mommy right?

We hate to admit it (but yes). The buns were quite decent though standard. And the Lion burger had something that resembled Kartoffelsalat as a topping (peas, pieces of carrots, mayonnaise sauce to keep it together). Which was a good idea because it at least made the burger less boring and dry, but tastewise it wasn’t the best experiment we have seen during our burger adventures.

Lion Burger pommes
Worse was #SecretGayGuy’s egg burger 😢, as the egg was fried so long that the yolk resembled their ancestors in the stone age or his dinosaur fossil counterpart nowadays. Which is a major sin, because the dripping yellow stuff gives a lot of extra taste and we of course always LOVE it greasy and juicy. So this place has to go into the sub-standard category unfortunately, despite the friendly staff (you have to keep mentioning this, as it is not usual in Germany).

Famous last words?

The fries. We almost thought someone had quickly ordered them at McDonald’s, because they looked and tasted so similar to the French fries usually served at the Big M. But if we want to eat French fries, we would go to the Big M. Which we never do (in case of emergencies we prefer the Burger King, thanks for asking!).

  • Price: Lion Burger 5,80€ (extra patty +1€), plain pommes 2,50€
  • Address: Warschauer Straße 82, Friedrichshain
  • Website: Facebook
  • Our ratings:
    • Burger: 5 / 10
    • Fries: 4 / 10
    • Atmosphere: 6 / 10
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