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Maybe for lunch, not for dinner

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The truth and nothing but the truth

Well, theoretically this place ticks all the boxes. In a side street of the extremely popular and gentrified Bergmannstraße, with friendly personnel and a cosy interior. No comfortable seats, but we wouldn’t recommend Loui’s for a relaxed evening meal anyway (see later). So, could anything go wrong?

No cliffhangers please. Ze burgers?!

So, where are the European Union guidelines when you need them? There should be a prohibition on overloaded burgers, period. Some places serve burgers SOOOOO huge it almost breaks your jaw. Which is inconvenient, because we want to swallow much more meat of course. Loui’s is a brilliant example (just as BBI or Piri’s, to name a few major sinners). Their classic beef burger is actually pretty basic and decent, because they don’t try to overload it. During our visit the meat was too dry, but that happens at other places as well (and other times it was just on point).

Loui's Burger moroccan burger

But they go wild with their other burgers. We tried the Moroccan, and we love experiments: carrots are a nice idea, and coleslaw is something different as well. But not if there are more toppings than meat in your burger, and you can hardly taste the patty. What a pity, especially as the potato wedges were thick and stood apart from the competition as well, though they were a bit heavy on the stomach.

Famous last words?

Now, there is definitely an important thing called price-quality-relationship, or ‘Preis-Qualitäts-Verhältnis’ (try to pronounce that with meat in your mouth) as they say here. And though we wouldn’t visit Loui’s in the evening with a date (if we could ever get one, yes), for lunch together with some pretty ladies from the office it is one of the best deals in town 😉. For 6,50€ you get the basic and decent beef burger and the awesome potato wedges and a soda. So brilliant, we could have come up with the idea ourselves!

  • Price: Lunch burger menu (beef burger, pommes, drink) 6,50€, Moroccan burger 7,40€, potato wedges 2,50€
  • Address: Zossener Straße 25, Kreuzberg
  • Website: http://www.louis-burgers.de/
  • Our ratings:
    • Burger: 6,5 / 10
    • Fries: 7,5 / 10
    • Atmosphere: 7,5 / 10
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