• Muse outside

Style over substance

Looks hot but it’s quite useless?

Yeah, that’s the story of our lives, folks. And it is definitely the case for Muse. They call themselves rather ambitious a ‘supperclub’ (we missed that trend, sorry!). The interior is stunningly cool and beautiful, with artworks enhancing the walls. And then the burgers come in… sizzling hot, straight from the kitchen, in cast-iron pans.

Muse bbq bacon burger

So the presentation is awesome, and the concept sounds even better: You can build your own burger here. Because apart from the sizzling meat in the pan, you also have separate buns, sauces and salad ingredients on your plate. How cool is that?

Yeah, cool. But what about the burgers?

Exactly, that’s the problem. Numero uno: We’re no great cooks. There is a reason we want a professional to put all the elements together into one stunning creation. But with building our own burger we’re as talentless as in all other aspects of our lives (except with writing of course, one of us at least).

Muse argentina burger

Numero due: The sizzling meat in that cast-iron thingy. It was definitely grilled very well (a bit too well – not the medium rare we wanted, but close). But it lacked finesse and a distinct taste. Above average, but not nearly what we would have come to expect to make it into our exclusive top-ten.

Famous last words?

The menu promised us ‘handcut sweet potato fries’. And as with almost everything at Muse, it was definitely handmade. But it was also almost as fat and soggy and hard to digest as that one visit to the Burgerie. So bonus points for the handcutting, but a minus for the way they landed on our plate. Sorry for that, as the service was very friendly indeed.

  • Price: 15-17€ for burger, fries and small soda
  • Address: Immanuelkirchstraße 31, Prenzlauer Berg
  • Website:
  • Our ratings:
    • Burger: 7,5 / 10
    • Fries: 7 / 10
    • Atmosphere: 9 / 10
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