A burger laboratory!

We gays of course love our laboratories. But a burger lab is something we didn’t experience… until we visited the ultra-small Outbreak, in a side street of the ultra-hip part of Neukölln. These lovely people have carefully crafted a number of unusual meat-o-manias that threaten to surprise you and blow you away.

When did you call the fire brigade?

Between the first and second bite. That was the incubation time for the habanero chili, which made our lips burn to the edge of what a human can tolerate… but it didn’t cross that line. So in contrast to #secretgayguy’s visit to Lily’s, this time he actually made it home without an emergency toilet stop by the side of the road…

And to be fair to the nice people of Outbreak: they warned us in advance. But the fire in our mouth distracted a bit from the meat. Which is a real shame, as Outbreak serves absolutely one of the best (if not THE best) patties in town. This one was from Asturian prime beef and was so sweet and gentle you just wanted to taste that meat.

Unfortunately, after that the feeling of being a ‘human experiment’ kicked in: the burger was just overloaded with tastes and sauces and therefore almost fell apart. And the bun was way too simple and didn’t keep up with the rest of the exquisite burger. But we’re gonna come back here and check whether these wizards are making progress in those areas! We just have to come back before winter, because we are skeptical this cosy place can seat more than three people…

Famous last words?

The fries. How many times have we complained that they are just too plain? Well, Outbreak made them into an art form. Curly, tasty… that’s the stuff we love in our mouths 🙂

  • Price: 18€ Superman burger + pommes + drink
  • Address: Hobrechtstraße 12, Neukölln
  • Website: www.outbreakfood.de
  • Our ratings:
    • Burger: 8 / 10
    • Fries: 9 / 10
    • Atmosphere: 5 / 10
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