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The truth and nothing but the truth

We gays LOOOOVVVVEEEEE a good catfight when we see it. So we had a good laugh when the franchise owners of the Hans im Glück burger chain got into a brawl with the local restaurant owners in Berlin. In retaliation, they cancelled the contracts and renamed to Peter Pane. Even the interior design (wooden trees, don’t ask us why) remained more or less the same. And as a retaliation for that, Hans im Glück has returned to Berlin, 100 metres across one of the Peter Pane restaurants at the Hauptbahnhof 🙂

Dude, we don’t care. Did the quality of the burgers change?

Yes, good point. And we are moving into dangerous territory here, as our previous visit to what was then Hans im Glück in the Friedrichstrasse is more than 18 months ago. But this time your spoilt bitches aka burger experts were a bit disappointed. I mean, we like our burgers to be pretty basic. But what we got on our plate looked a bit… underwhelming.

Peter Pane classic burger

Only when we lifted the bun, we could see some lettuce and tomato hidden under the burger. The patty was okay, but not extremely thick and definitely not seasoned and therefore not particularly tasty. If this is a back-to-basics approach, we wanna go back to hilariously over-the-top musicals that win Oscars for a lack of competition.

Famous last words?

Well, they DO offer buns in several shapes and sizes. We love different shapes and sizes, so that was a bonus point. And to be clear: there was nothing wrong with the burgers. But there was nothing special about it as well. And can we take a tree home next time, pleeeeeaaaaaase?

  • Price: Klassik Burger 6,90€, Bernsteiner Burger 7,50€, Fritten 4,50€, auch erhältlich als Menü
  • Address: Friedrichstraße 101, Mitte
  • Website:
  • Our ratings:
    • Burger: 6,5 / 10
    • Fries: 7 / 10
    • Atmosphere: 8 / 10
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