Rembrandt Burger

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One cheese to squash them all

Rembrandt Burger Friedrichshain

The truth and nothing but the truth

A little Dutch-flavoured retreat in Berlin: We just assume Rembrandt has owners from Holland, though during our visits the bar staff obviously didn’t have a clue when we ordered bitterballen (more on that later, don’t worry).

Initially we were a bit skeptical of this place. Although it is in the Nordkiez (northern part) of Friedrichshain, and not in the tourist hipster trap Südkiez, we saw way too many people in black clothes and long beards sitting outside consciously cool. But inside it actually is a cosy, warm place… a bit like the dark brown pubs Holland is well-known for. And a bonus point of course for the Hollandrad (Dutch bike) on the wall!

That was a long story, dude. Ze burgers?!

Often we get good, decent burgers that are a bit bland but besides that are hard to criticize. But your two burger doctors diagnosed Rembrandt and found the cause of the problem: Ziegenkäse, goat’s cheese. Apart from the fact it’s not a unique Dutch specialty, it has the far more important problem that it overwhelms all other tastes (and #SecretGayGuy loves his goats).

Smokey Dutchman Burger

It is as subtle as Scream 3 (or Nightmare on Elm Street, or the Fast and the Furious, or… well, you get the idea). It’s hard to discern the meat, which is also dangerously close to rare instead of medium. Grilling to the perfect degree is a skill, my friends, and one that isn’t perfected by many. And the Neuland beef from the area was okay, but nothing special. They only have one burger with Black Angus (though we can’t guarantee we would recognise Angus during a blind test…).

Funny enough the Dutch fries came to the rescue here, as they are much better than the average pommes we get in Berlin. Although we are still searching for a place that serves Flemish fries, the (in our not so humble opinion) best in the world.

Famous last words?

Bitterballen! Frikadellen! Kroketten! For all Dutch expats, it might actually be a great idea to visit Rembrandt only for the snacks, because they serve some true fat lowlands specialties. Yummy! Don’t forget to order the Grolsch beer as well!

  • Price: Burger 9-12€ // Dutch Fries 2,50€
  • Address: Richard-Sorge-Straße 21, 10249 Friedrichshain
  • Website:
  • Our ratings:
    • Burger: 7,5 / 10
    • Fries: 8 / 10
    • Atmosphere: 8,5 / 10
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