Salt N Bone

  • Salt N Bone bar interior

Meat gliding down your throat

The truth and nothing but the truth

We don’t usually do encores. We like desserts when we are in an Italian restaurant and can get tiramisu, but in a burger restaurant we’re there for the meat. We have to admit though, our friends, we have sinned. And we don’t regret it.

Salt N Bone bar interior

Now, sinning is a rare thing in Prenzlauer Berg, by far the most boring beautiful neighborhood in Berlin. But boy, do they have fine burger restaurants hidden in every dark corner. Where hipster hotspots like Neukölln, Friedrichshain or Kreuzberg have loads of loud burger restaurants that are more about form than function (usually overpriced burgers of dubious quality), Pregnancy Hill has comfy, scarcely lit restaurants where you can safely take your dates. Which is the main criterium by now of course for two guys surprisingly unsuccessful in the romantic department.

Long story, dude. How was the fucking burger?

Can you remember these old vinyl albums that get stuck in the groove, repeating the same line again and again? We could repeat here what we wrote about neighbouring Blackbeards: this is classy, effortless cooking.

Salt N Bone The Heat burger

You take a bite and can actually taste the medium-rare meat, the avocado (Smash burger) or chipotle relish and jalapenos (The Heat burger), although they all blend perfectly together and glide down your throat. It all looks so easy, which is of course the sign of a good cook at work. And they have certainly put some thought into their burgers: no Bacon BBQ here, but homemade creations.

And then you sinned?

Yes, we got careless. We thought it hardly could get any better, but then we saw a small plate (a slider) with three cute little burgers arriving at the adjacent table and couldn’t resist. This is what perfection tastes like: sweet mini-buns, filled with (A) pork belly and jus, (B) beef & melted cheddar and (C) halloumi & chipotle. The last one was so good you didn’t even miss the meat, the other ones just melted on our tongues and the sauces reminded us of many happy moments.

Salt N Bone slider

Unbeatable, or?

  • Price: Smash burger 13€, The Heat burger 14€, incuding fries
  • Address: Schliemannstraße 31, Prenzlauer Berg
  • Website:
  • Our ratings:
    • Burger: 9,5 / 10
    • Fries: 7,8 / 10
    • Atmosphere: 8,8 / 10
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