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Yeah, the million dollar question, possoms. And also the most boring one. Do you know what your hottest date of your life was? The best meal? The most hilarious joke? (Well, the last category is easiest, our jokes are of course the funniest 🙄)

Of course, it highly depends on the time of day or year you ask, how you’re feeling, how lovesick you are, whether it is your period or not, etc. Anyway, anyone asking us from now on what the best burger (BB, a common abbreviation among gays) of Berlin is (the BBB, so to speak) will be shot. Unfortunately, it’s an offence again in this country since 1945, but we’ll do it anyway. But as we’re not such big assholes, we offer you a compromise: a list of our favorite spots, in random order, regularly updated according to our mood.

Burger de Ville
Un-Berlin stylish with a secret ingredient to spice up the pulled pork. We only go there for pulled pork by the way. 

Room 77
You go there for cocktails and end up eating one of the best burgers of Berlin. One of the best peaces of meat in town. 

Don’t be a Scrooge and spend big money on the Crispy American. Will make you drool like a dog. 

Zsa Zsa
The one exception in the gay district where we actually love to swallow. Simple, but brilliant execution.

Hirsch & Eber 
Almost too posh for Berlin. Hipster place, but the pulled boar and the thymian fries are a must-eat.

Tante Biggie
We’d rather be dead than be caught in hipster paradise Friedrichshain… except in this neat little burger place!

A New York-style bar in the heart of Berlin. Best service and lemonade in town. 

The Bird
It’s your first love that you keep coming back for during your life, but will never marry.

Wilhelms Burger
Our secret insider’s tip. Mostly because it is so remote, no hipster will ever find it. 

Tommi’s Burger Joint
Average Joe is defining what a basic burger should be like. Exceptional? Nope. Bang for your bucks? Definitely!

Where, again?!

If you are lost or new in town, here are directions from our boy scouts: Burger Map Berlin📍

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