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Cute and cuddly in Friedrichshain

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The truth and nothing but the truth

The truth is, it really hurts us to tell our version of the truth here. Because Voudoo Kitchen almost feels like a living room: it is small and cosy, it is non-assuming and no-nonsense, a far cry from the hipster places in this area of Friedrichshain. And the people behind the counter were really nice and taking care of us: The lady cook with the Charlie Chaplin hat was absolutely lovely. And despite us being the only visitors, there was a steady stream of delivery services keeping the cooks pretty occupied, which is always a good sign.

That was a long story, dude. Ze burgers?!

Voudoo Kitchen BBQ Bacon

There is a German saying that ‘nett ist der kleine Bruder von Scheisse‘, which roughly translates to ‘nice is the younger brother of shitty. Which is by no means the jugdment we want to convey here. But the burgers, made with a lot of love, are average. Solid, but nothing special. They don’t make them too big (a 125 gram patty), they don’t overdo it with toppings, they don’t put too much sauce on it and that is what we are usually looking for. But where the best restaurants really excel in that certain something (Grindhouse has its juicy Crispy American, Room 77 the huge and tasty burger, and Hirsch and Eber pulled pork, to name some examples), Voudoo Kitchen falls in the huge category of decent but inconspicuous.
We would have rather seen it otherwise, because the place felt like home. And for a quick burger we will come around with love, don’t worry! Especially because the prices are very fair: you will get a burger for somewhere between 4,50€ and 6,50€.

Famous last words?

Voudoo Kitchen Pommes

Wasabi mayonnaise is a great and original idea. But be warned: it’s extremely spicy. So if you mix it with regular mayonnaise you get the best of both worlds. Oh, and they have crepes too!

  • Price: BBQ Bacon burger 6,50€, Breakfast Burger 4,50€, pommes 2€
  • Address: Scharnweberstraße 32, Friedrichshain
  • Website: http://voudookitchen.de/
  • Our ratings:
    • Burger: 6 / 10
    • Fries: 5 / 10
    • Atmosphere: 7 / 10
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