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The truth and nothing but the truth

Far away from the hipster hordes, basically far away from everything, is Moabit. It actually is an island in the city, bordered by canals and the Spree river. It has the U9 subway, which runs from nowhere to nowhere. So basically, nothing is happening in this quarter of the city, which makes it pleasantly down-to-earth (though sometimes a bit edgy around Turmstrasse). Wilhelms Burger is therefore a highly unlikely addition to the neighborhood. It’s relatively small, has a cosy dinner area in the back and even has some nice artworks. Art, in Moabit!

That was a long story, dude. Ze burgers?!

Well, we have seen some crazy food combinations in the last couple of years. In Brussels they have the mitraillette, which is an impressive fatty combination of French bread, a boulette (or other big chunk of meat), fries and loads of mayonaise. Lovely unhealthy. Same goes for the kapsalon (hairdressers), which has wild lines of mayonaise and ketchup on top of fries, shoarma, cheese and salad. No, we didn’t make that up.

Wilhelms burger The Wilhelms

So Wilhelms Burger comes with The Wilhelms, a crazy combination of two patties, bacon and sweet potatoes. Who ever got that idea? Anyway, we can’t even say it is good or bad, it was just too many different tastes per bite. We love experimentation, but we also love to focus on meat 🙂

Don’t be afraid though to try other burgers here. They are all at least pretty good and continuously rank in our top 25 percent of restaurants, which makes Wilhelms a solid choice.

Famous last words?

We didn’t want to start with a complaint, but during our first visit we actually sat in the freezing cold, because the cooks went outside in the middle of winter to chat and smoke a bit, and left the door open, even after they returned inside. Customer service is often non-existent in Berlin: this was just plain stupid ignorance. Get that right, guys, your burgers are too nice to be destroyed by bad service.

Wilhelms burger artwork

  • Price: The Wilhelms 8,50€, The Master BBQ 7,50€, Egg Benedikt 7,50€, fries 2,50€
  • Address: Wilhelmshavener Str. 3, Moabit
  • Website: http://www.wilhelmsburger.berlin
  • Our ratings:
    • Burger: 8 / 10
    • Fries: 6,5 / 10
    • Atmosphere: 7 / 10
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